Preformed Composites

Preformed composites is one of BWT’s newest investments. Recently, in conjunction with a partner, our company developed a new thermoplastic composite process (RT2i™). As a result, we are currently manufacturing parts for use on a launch aircraft platform.

This technology within our dedicated development facility provides BWT with in-house capability for the manufacture of 3D “near net-shape” preforms. For instance, these can incorporate complex features such as beads, flanges and stubs/spuds. All of which are integral to the structure whilst maintaining continuous fibre support throughout. In addition, Matrix materials include PEI Ultem™ 9085 & 9011 and PC Lexan™ FST 9705. To these we add reinforcement materials such as glass and Kevlar™.

Currently, BWT’s development focus is on low pressure ducting applications. However, there is also the possibility of using this technology in areas such as electrical housings, radomes and structural components.

Key characteristics: