• SENIOR AEROSPACE BWT IS A WORLD LEADER in aerospace components.

    Thanks to its structured approach in improving its products, processes and company culture, Senior Aerospace BWT has achieved world-class levels in quality, cost and delivery, as well as a customer base that’s the Who’s Who of the aerospace world.

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  • FOR CLOSE TO 100 YEARS, BWT has been at the forefront

    of the design and manufacture of proprietary rigid & semi-rigid ultra-lightweight low pressure Environment Control Systems (ECS) ducting systems and, to this day, is firmly placed to retain, broaden and expand its market position.

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  • BWT’S DEDICATED AND EXPERIENCED ECS low pressure ducting team

    has the proven capability to design, manufacture, test and certify complete low pressure ducting systems. By virtue of our c350 qualified employees and our highly advanced testing and manufacturing facilities near Manchester, UK, we are constantly exploring product development, materials research, manufacturing processes and integrated business systems, in order to reduce cost and weight on aircraft throughout the aerospace industry.

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  • IN ADDITION, SINCE 2010, BWT has dedicated

    resources and competence into developing its Additive Manufacturing technologies. The focus has been on thermoplastic FDMTM components in ULTEMTM 9085 as well as on 3D NET Shape Performs using thermoplastic resins and differing reinforcements, such as glass, polycarb and carbon.

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  • TO FURTHER ESTABLISH THIS AMBITIOUS new production process

    BWT has built a dedicated, environmentally-controlled production cell specifically for the support of additive manufacturing. BWT’s additive manufacturing products support and reinforce our core ducting capabilities - however, Additive manufacturing also offers an astounding potential for numerous other applications that go beyond ducting.

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    low-cost solutions to numerous interior and structural components, such as radomes, monuments, outlets, panels and more. As a company, we look forward to showcasing our capabilities to the aerospace community and beyond.

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BWT’s Sustainability Commitment

Environmental management has been a strong focus in BWT for a number of years and in 2018, our company achieved a reduction of 8% in our carbon intensity, as well as a reduction of 7% in the total carbon emitted.

Moreover, following BWT’s bio reactor improvements, our company maintained excellent monitoring results of the extraction points throughout 2020, verifying that our company’s emissions are well within permit constraints.

We are determined to continue streamlining our processes in order to certify our targets as set by WRI’s Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), a global standard for companies who take steps towards the low-carbon economy.

Reduction in
our carbon intensity

Reduction in the
total carbon emitted

Market Expansion

Senior Aerospace BWT continues its policy of major investment in product development, materials research, manufacturing process and integrated business systems. Combined with the capabilities of other Senior plc companies, Senior Aerospace BWT is firmly placed to retain and expand its market position.