Additive Manufacturing Components

Fusion Desposition Modelling (FDM)

Additive Manufacturing is one of BWT’s latest major investments. In support of the aerospace markets’ needs for cost, weight and lead time reduction, BWT have invested in two industrial-grade Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D Printers. In addition, we are using FDM technology in aerospace approved Ultem™ 9085 resins. As a result, BWT already have parts flying within our Low Pressure Ducting Systems. Above all, the ongoing implementation of FDM technology will support BWT in providing optimised system solutions, whilst accelerating the product development process.

In-house 3D Plaster Mandrel Printing

In addition, in support of the aerospace markets’ needs for accelerated product development cycles, BWT have invested in (3D Systems) Additive Manufacturing Binder Jet 3D Printers. These allow for rapid prototyping of development parts and tooling.

BWT’s AM Certifications

  • Smoke & Toxicity Specification (ASTM E 882)
  • 12 Second Vertical Burn Specification (FAR25.853(a))
  • BWT Approval to EASA Part 21G (UK.21G.2116)
  • Fluid susceptibility (RTCA/DO-160G)

Key characteristics: