The race to be Lean Champions

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The Race To Be Lean Champions


BWT’s Continuous Improvement program has picked up pace through the final quarter of 2015, with several events in different areas of the business and a training course for Lean Champions.

Following separate 5S events where teams focussed on layout and organisation, the Development and Maintenance areas both look transformed. The Maintenance team are benefitting from better visibility of the equipment they have in stock and now have more room to actually carry out maintenance tasks in an area which was previously taken up by storage. In Development new racking has been put up to house jobs which are on hold, so these can be kept separate to the area where people are working.

Two process based events have also taken place, one looking at Goods In activity and the other aiming to reduce employee exposure to fumes from PAS. Both ended with detailed action plans, and follow up reviews have taken place to ensure the goals are achieved.

Looking ahead, a 5S event for the Finance, HR & IT area is planned before the end of the year. Product Validation, QC & Lagging have 5S scheduled for early in the New Year, and the whole site should be covered by a 5S auditing program by the end of March. There will also be other events in Tapers and Despatch, and some work reviewing how we establish non-contract pricing.